Smart management of the electricity distribution networks of the City of Rome.

The customer is the operating arm of one of the largest Italian multi-utility groups. It manages the operation, modernisation and expansion of the electricity production and distribution infrastructures of the City of Rome, with approximately 10 TWh of electricity distributed and over 1.73 million delivery points served.

The requirements

Due to the rapid development and increasing complexity of the managed infrastructure, the customer had an increasingly fragmented knowledge of the technological network. Despite major investments in GIS and ERP systems, the organisation did not have a collector capable of federating the information managed by these systems and allowing it to be used and updated directly in the field.

The customer therefore had to equip itself with an interface that could be used on mobile devices, both by the technical field staff and by the suppliers, which had to represent in the cartography the path of the network cables that connect the road cabin to the building served. And rebuild the connection between the contract holder and the hierarchy of the infrastructure elements.

The solution

Using the components of the Geoweb Framework, we created a customized application dedicated to the network census.

It allows you to federate the contractual and personal data present in the company ERP system and those managed in the GIS database. Correlate them and make them available, according to policies manageable by the customer, within the Geoweb GeoExplorer environment.

The information is then made to flow, by “relevant batches”, to a mobile app that allows:

  • the survey of the network directly in the field
  • the association of the POD with the infrastructure
  • the handling of missing information, including photographs, quick sketches and wiring diagrams. In addition to a set of information relating to the network and the devices that compose it.

The information managed, structured and enriched, is sent to the corporate business systems.

The key numbers

+ 1.770.000

PODs managed

+ 2.000

km of network surveyed to date

+ 800.000

registered contracts

Geoweb products adopted:

Geoweb Framework

GeoExplorer (Framework module)