Italian Multi-Utility digitises the management of real estate assets with Geoweb.

The customer is one of the largest Italian groups in the Utilities market with a large and diversified estate made up of 1,211 real estate, 22 operating offices, 150,000 square meters of offices.

The requirements

The client needed a complete tool to manage the data and documents of their real estate assets and to perform property & facility management functions. In addition, it had to install the application on its own server farm and integrate it with the SAP company ERP.

  • Real estate portfolio management and correlation with the assets managed by the ERP.
  • Management of the documentary file of each property
  • Management of the technical and administrative requirements of the properties
  • Calculation of real estate values
  • Gestione tributi
  • Space Management
  • Ticketing
  • Rendicontazione dei costi dei servizi di facility.


The solution

Thanks to the enterprise components of the Geoweb Framework we developed a customer-specific solution, consisting of 3 main blocks:

  • Real Estate Dossier: to manage the registry and documentary data of the assets, make the calculations relating to real estate values and taxes, manage all the technical-administrative requirements.
  • Space Management: to manage the plans of the 22 instrumental offices, manage the spaces and the more than 3,500 workstations.
  • Ticketing: to manage all requests for services sent by internal customers and involve suppliers. In the same system, all the economic reports of the works commissioned externally are managed.


The key numbers

+ 15.000

tickets managed every year

+ 22

large instrumental offices managed

+ 5000

employees managed

+ 1200

buildings managed


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